Good News Manga Kagaku Survival Study Gets Anime Version on July 31

Good News Manga Kagaku Survival Study Gets Anime Version on July 31′

The manga books have printed 9.5 million copies in Japan, and 30 million copies were printed worldwide.
No Starch Press has also released a variety of series in English with the title Survive! Inside the physical body …

At that point, the previous Mainichi Shimbun website stated that the video was a pilot program. The cast of the video below is repeating their role for the film.

Anime will star:
Satsumi Matsuda as Geo
Megumi Han as Cheek
Akira Ishida as Kei
Hiroshi Iwasaki as Nō-hakase (Dr. Brain)
Hiroki Touchi as Narrator

Toei announced on Sunday that he produced an anime film adaptation of the Kagaku Manga Survival (Science Manga Survival) study manga series titled Jintai no Survival !.

Robocon films in Japan begin on July 31. Screenings in Japan also will include MX4D playback. Toei added that the opening date could change.

In 2008 the manga series and learning books for all colors were launched. Asahi Shimbun has published 70 volumes for the series on February 20. The series originated in South Korea by Gomdori Co. and illustrator Hyun-Dong Han. The series follows children in various adventure situations while weaving information about science into the story.