Kingdom Back to Rest Manga Until August 6

The kingdom tells the history of Qin’s unification war from the purpose of view of Shin, a slave who has the chance to extend his rank after successfully helping the young man who would later grow into Qin Shi Huang. Through The War, he began his career as a low-army ambition to become the best general in Under The Sky.

The Manga was published in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine in 2006. Shueisha published the 55 volume on August 19 and can publish the 52 volume on November 19. Hara said he was considering writing up to 100 volumes. The previous television anime adaptation aired in 2012, and therefore the second season aired in 2013.

The 33 and therefore the 34 shared editions of Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump have announced that Yasuhisa Hara “Kingdom ” Manga will return to the remaining phase and can be re-published within the August 6th edition.

Earlier the series also entered the remainder phase for story planning after the completion of the Zhao ARC invasion.